Mini Reviews – August 2021

The Keeper Of The Little Folk Vol. 1: The Fairy Balm (The Keeper Of The Little Folk, #1) by Carbone, Véronique Barrau, Charline Forns (Illustrator)

This first installment of Elina and the little folk is adorable! The illustrations are stunning and bright with colorful creatures and settings. I particularly love how the little folk are drawn. You can feel the mysticism and magic through the images. The story itself is a tale about the love between a girl and her grandmother, who have bonded over tales of the little folk. Despite being a quick read, this book is a must-read for nature and magic lovers.

The Orphan King (The Orphan King, #1) by Tyler Chin-Tanner and James Boyle (Illustrator)

In this Arthurian-style tale, a young prince is separated from his parents only to return without a home. This is a fabulous start to what I hope is more than a duology. The story is gripping and full of action as the main character, Kaidan, fights off mythical creatures and enemies. If the story wasn’t reason enough to love this book, the illustrations are absolutely stunning and full of color. My favorite picture might actually be the last page of the novel, because it has such a beautiful sunrise. Unlike most mythical stories of this caliber, there is a badass group of warrior women that remind me of the Amazons. I’m interested to see what happens in the next installment as Kaidan fights off more enemies to reclaim his throne and saves his mother from the clutches of his enemies. Lovers of the show Merlin and Arthurian legend definitely need to add this to their collection.

Written in Light by Jeff Young

I went into this book really excited because I love sci-fi and I love short stories and the cover is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, the majority of the stories in this were a major let-down. When it comes to sci-fi, it can be really easy to get sucked into the science and the world-building, but most of these were just overkill. This was bogged down by scientific lingo and made-up creatures and civilizations. And the stories generally had good sentiment, it was really hard to get invested in the stories and to actually care about the characters/worlds involved, given the lack of emotion in every line of dialogue There were a few stories that I genuinely liked, but the ones that I slowly dragged through dominated the page count. If you are a sci-fi lover that actually enjoys the science behind everything and you don’t need a lot of action, this might be the book for you. It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Oddball (Sarah’s Scribbles #4) by Sarah Andersen

I love books like this! Sometimes you just need a fun book filled with comics to take some of the stress away. I thought this book was particularly interesting because it’s super relatable to Millennials and Gen Z readers. A lot of these relate to being the weird, introverted person and, of course, cats. If you find yourself feeling down and need something to make you feel a little lighter, this is the perfect collection of comics! I also just love how funny some of the expressions are that the characters have!

The Women of Troy by Pat Barker

Okay, I might be Greek mythology obsessed, but this just wasn’t it. Sure, it reads smoothly and I really feel like I’m with the characters, but I just couldn’t bring myself to care about any of the characters. In a way, it felt like an attack on all the men, which I know isn’t correct or fair, given how the women are treated. So many of the women are just…there and don’t provide much to the plot. Briseis is debatably unlikable and let’s be honest, her pregnancy didn’t do anything for the story. Overall, I felt like I was reading a “day in the life of a Trojan woman after the Trojan War” but there was no substance, nothing to keep me reading, and in the end, I was just really disappointed.

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