I Started a Podcast!

Hey everyone!

I hope y’all are enjoying your social distancing and that all of you are healthy and happy out there, wherever you may be. I recently moved into a new apartment with some roommates and all my college courses have been moved to online for the rest of the semester, so I have a lot of time on my hands to start doing new things!

Are you a big nerd? Do you like books? Movies? TV shows? Games? Then you might be interested in my new podcast, [Insert Nerd Topic Here]. We currently have 2 episodes out!

Our first episode is an introduction to our podcast! Today, we released our first real episode about The Witcher! In this episode, we talk about the Netflix show, the book series, and the game. There’s so much information to talk about for this topic and it’s something we both were really passionate about. We actually had to make this into multiple episodes.

If you love nerdy things, I will be talking about books or anything that y’all want to talk about in the near future. Drop suggestions below or on social media and please share this around, we have been working so hard on this and I really enjoy this new branch of media!

Check out our website here to listen to all our episodes. We are also on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!


Book vs. Movie

It’s a long conversation that has been debated for a long time. What is better? Book or movie? In reality, there might not be a real answer and it definitely also depends on the book.

What are some of the things that lean people toward one or the other?

  1. Action/Intensity

Books like Lord of the Rings have been fan favourites for a long time and long before the movies were made. However, how many of you have actually read one of those books and seen the movie? If you had to include every single step in Fellowship of the Ring, you would be watching an extremely long movie. The difference between those books and those movies is simply that the movie is faster in pace. I’m not saying you can’t love a long book, but it’s much cooler to see Frodo and Sam walking through Middle Earth than it is to read about it.

2. Seeing characters in action

It’s one thing to read a book and have that little movie playing in your head. But actually seeing that movie on the big screen with sometimes exactly what you pictured can feel like a miracle. I remember when I first heard that they were making The Hunger Games into movies, I was so excited to finally be able to see the characters I had read about coming to life.

3. Details

Any Harry Potter lover wouldn’t be able to watch the first movie without pointing the missing plot points from the books. Since most people tend to watch the books first, it’s hard to know exactly what comes between point A and point B, but it’s another thing entirely when they skip point B and move on to point C without a problem. Fans love making sure that everything is going exactly as it should and taking away those key elements can be heartbreaking to a book lover.

There are literally dozens of reasons for people to pick one over the other and, most of the time, it’s entirely circumstantial.

What are some of the reasons you pick which one you like better?