Mini Reviews – November

The Queen’s Rising (Untitled Trilogy #1) (ARC) by Rebecca Ross
Without giving too much away, I adored this. I can’t wait for everyone to be able to pick this up and jump into Brienna’s life! This book is full of magic and adventure that every fantasy lover absolutely needs to get their hands on!

Amid Stars and Darkness (The Xenith Trilogy #1) by Chani Lynn Feener
I make my love for this book no secret. Sci-fi is one of my favourite genres and throwing hot aliens into the mix just makes it 110% better. Main character Delaney is so awesome, I just can’t get enough of her. Seeing what an alien culture would be like without all of the corruption and change humans would bring is facsinating. Book two comes out July 24th 2018 and I am more than ready to get my hands on it!

Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifacts #2) by Cassandra Clare
This book once again throws us into the lives of Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn (who is, let’s face it, perfect). If the entire book was written in Julian’s POV I would love it so much more, but apparently multipul POVs is the hit new thing and we’re forced to read about Livvy, Ty, and Kit as well. I love them as much as the next character, but they get in the way of me reading about Julian and Emma, which makes me just want to skip their chapters. Not to mention a certain something that Clary brings up in this book that sent me reeling. I am now incredibly nervous for Queen of Air and Darkness.

Godsgrave (The Nevernight Chronicle #2) by Jay Kristoff
Jay Kristoff is amazing. His world building skills are on point and, for the most part, I love his characters. Mia, beautiful character. Mr. Kindly, not only an amazing character but perhaps my favourite. Furian, I wanted so much more of him, he had so much untapped potential. However, I cannot get past how biblical his writing is. By this I mean that I have a hard time understanding one paragraph and find myself gravitating to the dialogue more than anything. Mia and Ashlinn were a fun plot, but I can’t find it in me to trust anything Ashlinn says and, for this alone, I didn’t like them together.

The Piper’s Price (The Neverland Wars #2) by Audrey Greathouse
Neverland has always been a special kind of world. In a way, I think it’s one of the first fantasy worlds we learn about as child, so reading this as an adult is such a different experience. Gwen and Peter are adorable together and if I had one complaint about this book it would be that I didn’t get more of them together. With the amount of twist and turns in this, my head was swimming with theories and assumptions almost the entire time!

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