June Mini Reviews

I try to avoid spoilers, but in the off chance that I say something spoilery in the following mini reviews, consider this your warning!

1. The Summoner Series (#1-3) by Taran Matharu
This series was just…magical! Main character Fletcher and his little demon buddy, Ignatius, were actually friend goals. They were so adorable together I could just not get enough. Fletcher’s family was…heartbreaking. In more ways than one. I found myself feeling so terrible for him on more than one occasion, especially in the beginning of book 2! I feel like there was so much more that could have been in the story. Not even necessarily the main plot, but sub plots and little adventures. Also, Sylva and Fletcher had so many possibilities that were unexplored! But other than some of those little missed opportunities, I love this series!

2. Illuminae (Illuminae #1) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
I would be lying if I said this book didn’t confuse the hell out of me in the beginning. Some pages read more like a book, others were seemingly random, some seemed like web pages with stuff I didn’t know, and it just took me way too many pages to figure out what the heck I was actually supposed to be reading and what I could skip over. By the end, though I finally got the hang of it and I truly enjoyed the book! I would absolutely love to see more interaction between Kady and Ezra, because couple goals.

3. It Gets Worse by Shane Dawson 
There really isn’t much to say about this. I could throw it into a ‘dark comedy’ category, because it gets super real at times. This book really makes you think, which is something I didn’t expect from Shane, since he likes to gloss over everything with comedy and jokes, but there was such a blanket of truth, that it really hit me. Watching his videos, it’s really easy to forget what a hard life he had and, yes, he obviously has a really low self-esteem, but he really is working on it and I am so proud of him for how far he has come.

4. Outsiders 2: Unfinished Business (Outsiders #2) by Tammy Ferebee 
I absolutely loved the first book, so when I got the opportunity to read book 2, I jumped at the chance. Jaylen and Michael are literally so adorable, but Michael pissed me off in the beginning of the book sooo much! This book was packed so full of intense moments and action that I am surprised it fit in 285 pages. I had so many questions at the end though, so maybe a book 3? I sure hope so, but won’t hold my breath, it seemed pretty final. Awesome indie read, though, that I love spreading the word about! Tell your friends!

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