The Mysterium Chronicles by Simone Pond

Exodus of Magic (The Mysterium Chronicles Book 1) by [Pond, Simone]

Hi all! Just thought you all would like to know about The Mysterium Chronicles by Simone Pond!

Exodus of Magic (book 1) synopsis:

An ancient prophecy. A chosen leader. A warlock who will stop at nothing. 

Magic is illegal in the city of Mysterium, so Jordan must keep her secret buried deep. If anyone discovers the truth about her powerful and extraordinary magic, it would destroy everyone she cares about.

When Jordan uses illegal magic to protect others from a terrorist attack, she becomes a person of interest for the diabolical Counselor Magnus. He’ll keep her secret as long as she does his dirty work. She soon discovers the disturbing truth about Magnus, Mysterium, and her supernatural past.

Forced to leave the city, she learns about her true ancestors and an ancient prophecy she’s supposed to fulfill. But with Magnus, a vengeful werewolf, and a bloodthirsty vampire hunting her down, Jordan doubts she’ll ever be able to save this ancient race of people.

Follow Jordan’s epic adventure in the Mysterium Chronicles as she fights against evil to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Buy Exodus of Magic today to start your journey!

And it’s just 99 cents on Kindle right now!!!!!!

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