Blood Obsession by L.E. Wilson – Review

Title: Blood Obsession

Author: L.E. Wilson
Series: Deathless Night
Book: 3
Format: Paperback
Pages: 312
Rating: 1/5

**I received this book in exchange for an honest review**

Goodreads Excerpt:
Sacrifices had to be made for the greater, bloody good.
At least that’s what vampire Aiden Sinclair kept telling himself when he woke up in an unfamiliar city, with no phone, no money, and no memory of how he’d gotten there, or why. All he wants is to get back to Seattle, and back to his job as a Hunter. But when he happens upon the lovely derriere of a cheeky witch in distress who is being hunted by creatures he finds he is all too familiar with, Aiden must make a choice: Suppress his fears and be with the girl? Or embrace the truth and save them all?

This book just lacked all substance. The characters were all one dimensional and were driven by nothing other than their own desires and selfish whims. Aside from that, none of them were even remotely likable. I’m not even convinced that there was a plot. The book moved in a seemingly stiff way, with the characters just moving from one spot to another and learning small, pointless details that didn’t fit together well. The romance was cheesy and had a Fifty Shades of Grey mixed with Twilight feel that made me cringe. Regardless of how you use the word ‘love’, it is still spelled L-O-V-E. Using it as an endearing term doesn’t mean it’s spelled L-U-V. And to top it all off, no male living in this time period should be allowed to say the word ‘poppet’ to anyone other than their daughter under the age of five. Not only did Aiden use said word on almost every page, but the way I visualized him saying it made me extremely uncomfortable.  Overall, this book was just not worth my time.

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