The Young Elites by Marie Lu – Review

Title: The Young Elites
Author: Marie Lu
Series: The Young Elites
Book: 1
Format: Hardback
Pages: 355
Rating: 5/5

When a terrible blood disease storms through Kenettra, the land is left with a surprise. Most of the young people that survive come out of the disease differently, some with terrible markings and scars, some with mild changes, but all are outcasts. They are called malfettos. Some malfettos are different than others. While all of them are marked by the disease, only a few of them develop abilities. Adelina lost her left eye to the disease and is a malfetto, cast aside by her father and forever living in the shadow of her younger sister who came out of the disease unmarked. After a horrible accident, Adelina finds herself among a group of Young Elites that call themselves the Dagger Society, but darkness is growing and no one can trust anyone.

Marie Lu never fails to amaze me with her lovely writing and utterly heartbreaking stories. She pulls together things that some authors never seem to think about. I don’t know many female leading characters that have been scarred to the extent of losing an eye. And then there’s so much darkness that you can’t help but get sucked into the story. Main characters are almost always these light, bright people that are trying to bring out the good in everyone, but with The Young Elites, they embrace the darkness. 

I could never get enough of Enzo. His character fascinates me. Especially when he’s with Adelina, because I feel like we didn’t really get a lot of their relationship. Minus a roadblock or two, I really hope we get to see more of the two of them in future books. Then, there’s Raffaele. Sweet, beautiful Raffaele that made me so sad over and over again. Yet another surprising thing Lu brings to the table, Raffaele is a consort in a ‘pleasure court’, which is a nicer and a watered down version of a brothel. Overall, I truly can’t wait to get my hands on The Rose Society.

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