Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard – Review

Title: Glass Sword
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Series: Red Queen
Number: 2
Copy: Hardback
Pages: 444
Rating: 3.5/5

Anyone and betray anyone.

With that quote, being one of my favourites of the whole series as of now, I can now relate somewhat well to it. I feel betrayed by this book. I loved Red Queen, but Glass Sword seemed predictable and I felt like it was being dragged out.

Mare Barrow has Red blood, but Silver powers. She has been betrayed by one of the people she trusted the most and is suddenly forced into a battle she didn’t want to be a part of. With her friends, Mare goes on a quest to find newbloods. People of Red blood, with Silver powers, like her, before they can be whipped out of existence by Maven. Throughout her quest, Mare is faced with the pain of the past, the pain of the present, and the uncertainty of the future.

I’m one of those people where I usually love the sequel novel more than the first book. This is not one of those cases. The first give or take 375 pages were dragged out and gave me information that I probably could have gone without. I could have cut out about 300 pages in the middle and it still would have made sense in the end. The relationship between Cal and Mare confuses me to no end, because they act like they love each other, but then they hate each other. Kilorn made me mad. He was jealous and sulked about most of the book without really adding any significant plot. Actually, a good portion of the middle of the book was people sulking about. Mare, I get that Maven betrayed you and that it hurts, but that doesn’t mean that everyone you meet will betray you, calm down. Spoiler here, but obviously Mare was going to end up giving herself over to Maven. It was brought up over and over again throughout the book and I guessed it within the first few hundred pages. Overall, I was disappointed in Glass Sword, it dragged on and on and was, in my mind, predictable. I still love Maven, though, and I wish we saw more of him.

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