Frozen by Erin Bowman – Review

Title: Frozen
Author: Erin Bowman
Series: Taken
Book: 2
Pages: 359
Rating: 4/5

18089999It’s been over a year since I read Taken, but something told me it was time to read Frozen. In my typical fashion, I completely disregarded the idea of skimming book one to catch up on a few things. That was my mistake. However, it’s okay, because most things I forgot were explained quickly anyway.
Frozen revolves around Gray Weathersby and his team of Rebels on their quest to find survivors of Group A. Seems like a real simple quest. Trek through the snow and ice for days to find people that may or may not be alive while everyone is looking for you in order to find a group of people that may or may not be alive and may or may not actually want your help! Not surprisingly, things didn’t go all that smoothly.
Honestly, my internal struggle mainly revolved around who I liked with Gray. Bree is butch and violent, she and Gray fight all the time (good? bad? it’s a toss up). I don’t have a fully functioning opinion on Bree. The cold side of people is usually the best side when it comes to things like this, but I just found her entirely unlikable when she tried to face things on her own. Emma is the polar opposite, yet I still don’t like her. Her sweet, kind exterior makes her appear helpless and weak, the last thing a survival group needs. Now, if Emma and Bree were the same person, that might work, but they’re not. Gray strings both of them along and no one can convince me otherwise.
Some parts were slow, but when things picked up, they picked up fast and stayed that way. So as to not give anything away, I’ll give my favourite parts a one word ode. Blaine. Boat. Group A. I’ll let the reader sort out what part of the story each belongs to. All in all, though that ending was not something I was expecting and I give props for that. The entire time I was reading I was 100% sure this was a duology until I got to the last page and things were unresolved, then I remembered that Forged is the next book and now I have to buy it in order to see what happens. Looking forward to it!

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