The Distance Between Us Review

Book title: The Distance Between Us
Author: Kasie West
Rating: 5/5

This story was so cute! The main character, Cayman is poor, she lives with her mother over a doll store called “Dolls and More” (minus the more). Cayman has her life figured out for the most part. Help with the doll store for a year and then study science in college. But Cayman life completely changes when she meets Xander, a rich pretty boy that makes a not so great first impression. Before she knows it, she is seeing Xander every morning and even taking job shadows from him, but all this changes when an article in a paper suggests that Xander has a rich, beautiful, movie-star girlfriend.
The relationship between these two characters is so amazing! For starters, there wasn’t instalove, which is something that usually bothers me. When a book literally makes you cringe (in a good way), it’s usually an indication that I’m emotionally invested in said book. You know, that time in contemporary books when the main character makes such a bad decision that you just know it’ll make a big problem. Yeah, well I was wrong about where that was going to be…which made this book even better, because it wasn’t predictable! I recommend this book to anyone that loves cute contemporaries or Rainbow Rowell.

Next, I’ll be reading The Wrath and the Dawn!

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